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Development And Design

——Strictly control accuracy standards from the beginning of design——

Development And Design

Development And Design

Development and design

Support sample and customization, Provide design according to drawings

Intelligent and efficient

Intelligent and efficient

Intelligent and efficient

Unique production process ,More high efficiency and high precision

Strict quality inspection

Strict quality inspection

Strict quality inspection

Strictly tests to be responsible for the customers

Development and design

Development and design

Development and design

Use high-quality raw materials to ensure product quality while also increasing product life


——Complete specifications——


——All for the customers——


Independent research and development, strong strength

1、Specializing in the production of CNC tool holders 20+YEARS ,directly manufacturer with supply cost-effective products

2、Production Cover: CNC tool holders, thermal expansion tool holders, dream five-axis and deep cavity machining tools, tungsten steel anti-vibration tool holders, machine tool accessories and other related tools in the milling field.

3、Solved 1000+ companies milling problems, and customers have a high rate of return.

Global certification standards

High-technology , Cost-effective , self-produced and sold

1、Using domestic and foreign high-quality steel, the quality of the knife handle has reached the advanced level of the industry.

2、The technology, material and technology of similar tool holders are strong, cost-effective, and save customer costs

3、Self-produced and self-sold, one-stop tool supply, eliminating more intermediate links

Strong R&D strength

Professional tool equipment technical team, Welcome to customize

1、The company's technical team has 5-10 years of work experience and many large-scale tool projects experience

2、According to different working conditions, it can provide effective tool handling solutions.

3、One-to--one customized milling tools and supporting technology according to the needs of the enterprise

Master the core technology

Multiple qualifications to guaranteed the quality

1、A number of products have won national invention patents, utility model patents, etc.

2、From drawing design, precision manufacturing, strict quality inspection, cutting application to post-maintenance, take care of every link

3、Regardless of the selection of raw materials and auxiliary materials, or product testing, procurement, production process, etc., the company has perfect implementation technical standards and technological processes to ensure stable and stable tool quality

Product fully closed loop manufacturing

Perfect after-sale service system, solve you worry!

1、Professional tool technical team, 7*24 hours quick response mechanism

2、Provide professional technical support, visit customers regularly, and train tool related knowledge

3、Self-produced and self-sold, one-stop tool supply, eliminating more intermediate links

Strong non-standard customization ability

Intimate after-sales service

专Professional tool technical team, 7*24 hours quick response mechanism, perfect after-sales service team, quickly help you solve problems; provide professional technical support.
Good after-sales service

Increasing valueextended services

——One-stop solution for HIPPSC CNC tools——

Cutting program application
Cutting program application

Provide free technical solutions to solve customer on-site processing problems.

Tool knowledge training
Tool knowledge training

Provide free training mechanism to cultivate enterprise cutter talents.

Product maintenance package
Product maintenance package

Provide after-sales maintenance services for CNC tool holders.

Perfect distribution channel
Perfect distribution channel

Distribution agents distributed all over the country can quickly provide you with the corresponding service of the tool

——Customization process——

Tool holder sample
Drawing design
Knife handle proofing
Accuracy detection
Tool holder packaging
Mass production

Highly praised

——Good reputation comes from the perseverance to the quality of Ships tools——

Hippsc The tool has been well received by customers

My Hippsc technical team provides us with high-quality after-sales service and assists our dealers in solving cutting problems for the company. Customers continue to praise, and professional attitude has won the support of customers in the market....

Hippsc tool improves work efficiency, easy to use and simple to maintain

Hippsc People are committed to be your cutting application consultant, 7*24 hours butler service, to solve problems for us at any time, adhering to the principle of customer first, let us feel comfortable and rest assured...


——Share the company's daily dynamics and knowledge about tool holders——

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HIPPSC成立于2011年,多名成员在数控刀具领域均具有丰富经验,尤其是叶先生,从业二十多年,不断地在数控刀具领域研究发展。 我司...






从独立的机床到集成了机器人技术和完整智能压裂,工业供应和机床的专业行业展览平台。 SIMM由姚继光先生(SIMM的首席执行官)先...


热胀系列精品推荐【热胀延长杆】,物美价廉品优,值得分享! 也期待着,不久之后,热胀延长杆能够追随您,踏上精密加工的旅...


针对具体切削作业的实际效果,钨钢刀具磨损原因大致可以分为五类。 一,氧化磨损 当钨钢刀具切削作业温度超过700℃后,空...


加工中心的主轴锥孔通常分为两大类,即锥度为7:24的通用系统和1:10的HSK真空系统。 一.7:24锥度的通用刀柄 锥度为7:24的...


对象产 危 险 性 对 策 所有切削刀具 ◎具有锋利的切削刃,用手直接接触有受伤的危险。 ※特别是在从...


——Ingenuity and craftsmanship, forging the brand of CNC tool——



HIPPSC's "HIPPSC" brand was founded in 2011. HIPPSC is committed to R&D and innovation. The R&D and innovation process has always maintained a close strategic cooperation relationship with Germany, and has won a number of international and domestic technology patents.

Through years of development and practical application of heat shrinkable tool holder system and heat expander, finally created a fully automatic intelligent heat expander that can heat both alloy steel and stainless steel tools, heating for 3 seconds and cooling for 15 seconds. Once launched, it will change the whole Industry perception.


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