SPINWORX Threaded Diameter R5 UFO Cutter


  • Product details and advantages:

    1. Product Name: SPINWORX

    2. Model: DR10-020-E10-02

    3. Blade utilization rate 100%

    4. Suitable for roughing and excess material processing

    5. Advantages of processing high-hardness materials, stainless steel, titanium alloys, high-temperature alloys and other difficult-to-machine materials

    6. Cutting is smoother and smoother, the load is smaller, and the spindle is more effectively protected

  • Product description:



    r5-diameter 25-52 mm

    ThreadedDR10-020-E10-0220105292.5-10182A, B, C
    DR10-025-E12-032510532.51.5-12213A, B, C
    DR10-025-E12-042510532.51.5-12214A, B, C
    DR10-030-E12-0430105332.5-12214A, B, C
    DR10-030-E16-0430105432.5-16294A, B, C
    DR10-032-E16-0432105432.5-16294A, B, C
    DR10-032-E16-0532105432.5-16295A, B, C
    DR10-035-E16-0535105432.5-16295A, B, C
    DR10-035-E16-0635105432.5-16296A, B, C
    DR10-042-E16-0642105432.5-16296A, B, C
    DR10-042-E16-0742105432.5-16297A, B, C
    EmbeddedDR10-040-A16-0540105432.5-16295A, B, C
    DR10-042-A16-0542105432.5-16355A, B, C
    DR10-042-A16-0642105432-16356A, B, C
    DR10-050-A22-0750105522.5-22357A, B, C
    DR10-052-A22-0752105522.5-22407A, B, C
    DR10-052-A22-0852105522.5-22408A, B, C

  • Trading details:

    Product Name:UFO Cutter
    Minimum Order Quantity:1
    Delivery Time:2 ~ 15 working days
    Payment Terms:T/T
    Origin:Dongguan, China
  • Packing
    PE Bag. Plastic Box. Carton Box.
    Other Materials
    Slushing oil. Adhesive Tape. Packing Straps.


    1. Arrange Delivery  Within 2 days at soonest Afterat order and payment confirmed.

    2. Strict and Careful Inspection Before Delivering Goods to Our customers .

    3. Use Gauges For Examing Accuracy and Technical Factors.

    4. Super less error on delivering Goods and Items of Order.  

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