HSK63A Heat Shrinking Tools


  • Product details and advantages:

    1. Product name: Shrink Fit Chuck

    2. Model : HSK63A-SR04-80TRN

    3. Clamping Range: 4~32mm

    4. Hardness: HRC48~52

    5. Taper standard: <AT3

    6. Advantages: Repeated clamping more than 2000 times,hitted by Shrink fit Machine, simple and fast clamping

  • Product Description

    HSK63A-SR04-80TRN415th2080--4.5 °
    HSK63A-SR06-80TRN6212780--4.5 °
    HSK63A-SR06-120TRN62127120--4.5 °
    HSK63A-SR06-160TRN62132160--4.5 °
    HSK63A-SR08-80TRN821278040104.5 °
    HSK63A-SR08-120TRN8212712040104.5 °
    HSK63A-SR08-160TRN8213216040104.5 °
    HSK63A-SR10-85TRN1024328546104.5 °
    HSK63A-SR10-120TRN10243212046104.5 °
    HSK63A-SR10-160TRN10243416046104.5 °
    HSK63A-SR12-90TRN1224329050104.5 °
    HSK63A-SR12-120TRN12243212050104.5 °
    HSK63A-SR12-160TRN12243416050104.5 °
    HSK63A-SR16-95TRN1627349552104.5 °
    HSK63A-SR16-120TRN16273412052104.5 °
    HSK63A-SR16-160TRN16273416052104.5 °
    HSK63A-SR20-100TRN20334210054104.5 °
    HSK63A-SR20-120TRN20334212054104.5 °
    HSK63A-SR20-160TRN20334216054104.5 °
    HSK63A-SR25-115TRN254452.511562104.5 °
    HSK63A-SR25-160TRN254452.516062104.5 °
    HSK63A-SR32-120TRN324452.512067104.5 °
    HSK63A-SR32-160TRN324452.516067104.5 °

  • Trading Details:

    Product Name:Shrink Fit Chuck
    Minimum Order Quantity:1
    Delivery Time:2 ~ 30 working days
    Payment Terms:T/T
    Place of Origin:Dongguan, China
  • Package: 

    PE bag, plastic box, carton. 

    Other material

    Packing tape


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